3 P’s of success

As once shared by David Copperfield in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, his interpretation of the three P’s of success are:

1. Passion

2. Preparation

3. Persistence

This really resonates with me, as no matter how big or small a goal, task or new ambition may be, these three simple but powerful words can be pulled upon.

However, I believe the first P of passion needs a little further thinking. My intuition tells me that we need to consider firstly about the PURPOSE.

Why is that?

For things to really matter to people, we need to understand the meaning behind it. What’s it all for? Why are we doing this, what difference will it make?

Once we start to ask and unpack these questions, only then is our purpose revealed and the reason why we are doing what we are doing.

What we will then find is with our purpose refined and identified, passion will be born.

Now of course to achieve goals, having purpose and being passionate does not automatically guarantee success. This is why I love the other two P’s David Copperfield shares.

Being prepared and importantly being persistent, could also translate to being organised, articulate, not settling for mediocrity, being responsible for your own actions and working smart. Things may not always be easy, so resilience plays a big part, particularly when we are being persistent and seeing things through to the end.

The feeling of achievement is amplified when we truly understand why (our purpose), have been as prepared as we could, and seen it through by persisting and not giving up.  

To consider:

If you are feeling like you are running out of steam, or lacking motivation, perhaps it might be a good time to pause and reflect. Ask yourself some of these simple questions of why am I doing this, what’s it for, what difference will this make. You might find a new sense of purpose and a new motivation that will see you jumping out of bed in the morning!

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