What is coaching?

Coaching is structured conversations with measurable outcomes that is collaborative and in the service of you

Why would I want coaching?

Coaching can be multi faceted, though some examples:
You may be at a cross roads and need some assistance in looking at next steps. You might be looking at ways to grow in your career. Or you have a big goal ahead of you that is overwhelming and you don’t know where to start.

Why six sessions?

If you are wanting to really see tangible outcomes, my recommendation is six sessions at a minimum. An example of how your sessions may sit work:
The first session will be establish your goals, sessions two – three refining goals. Session four, looking at how to implement action – session five – six, actually seeing these actions through and celebrating the achievements.

How are the coaching sessions delivered?

The coaching is delivered online over Zoom, so we can still have an online face to face presence. By adopting Zoom as our platform, we are removing geographical barriers, ensuring anyone from anywhere can utilise my services.

Do you offer any face to face (in person) sessions?

Pending on your location and if your are interested, there may be face to face options available. Feel free to chat to me about this.

Is Zoom safe to use for our sessions?

I use the professional version of Zoom, and have put in place all the recommended privacy, security measures and settings to ensure our calls are safe.

What are key qualities of a coach?

I bring key qualities to our sessions that include: The ability to communicate clearly and establish rapport. Demonstrated deep listening with a depth of understanding, trust and respect. Ability to think critically, taking into account broader social and ethical issues.

Do you offer other professional services for mental health?

I am not a professional psychologist, psychiatrist or psycho therapist. Therefore I cannot assist with any of these services.