Look Up

In the fast-paced age we all live in, are we forgetting to “look up” from our devices, and therefore missing the small things that make up our lives?

How many times to we get to the end of the day and its all a bit of a blur?

There are many strategies and ideas I will share along our journey, though one small idea to discuss today is the simple form of “looking up”.

Let’s look at some scenarios:

YOUR DAILY COMMUTE – Instead of scrolling through your device, try taking even just 5 minutes to look out the window, notice your surroundings, look up at the sky and take in what type of day it is. Are there clouds, blue sky, is it different from yesterday? These small conscious acts help to slow your mind, bring you to the present and to actually enjoy these small moments.

BREAKS – Let us hope we are all allowing ourselves at least one break during the day! Your day has probably been filled with a load of screen time and all sorts of busyness. So why not allow your break to be another conscious moment. Even if you need to go to the bank in your break, savour the walk, fresh air, look around at the people walking by, take in the sky. All these small conscious acts will become little moments of pleasure I promise you!

DINNER TIME – what a fabulous opportunity to “look up” at your family or friends. Make a no device, no TV rule, so you can really take in the beautiful special moments to chat, listen and be present in these sacred meal times.

What conscious act of “looking up” are you going to start to do?

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