What’s for dinner?

Three simple words (What’s for dinner), yet boy they can cause turmoil and havoc to our evenings?

Picture this scenario:

Had a frantic day, had to skip lunch, finally get home and nek minute it starts….what’s for dinner?

You look in the fridge and the cupboards to try and find anything to muster up, though its not looking promising let alone Master Chef material!

So do you go back out to the shop to buy ingredients to then come back and cook…tacking an added hour onto the evening before you can start to relax?……Or you say to hell with it, we are getting uber eats! You’ve now spent 3 days of food budget on this one meal, and now you’re going to feel guilty for the next week because you have eaten take away food!!!!!

All I can say is ahhhhh, why do we do this to ourselves?

Ok so here is the secret, do yourself a PLAN!!!! Taking you as little as 15 minutes a week is going to save you time, money, heartache, poor diet and extra brain power, which lets be honest by the evening is dwindling!

Are you sold?

Here’s how:

  • Pick one day a week and schedule 15 minutes of that day when you are at home to plan your meals for the week
  • List out every meal you are wanting to cook
  • Write out everything you need for each meal – checking your pantry and fridge as you go
  • Think also about breakfasts and lunches and add the additional foods onto the list
  • Go ONLY ONCE to the grocery store/food markets and follow your list to the tee, crossing off as you go so you don’t miss anything (you don’t want to be coming back mid-week)
  • Added tip – don’t go the shopping when your hungry – you will buy so many extra things that are not on the list which will blow your budget 😊

Simple enough??

The outcome:

  • You will know exactly what meals to do each night, so therefore no added brain power required for the evening
  • You will save time, by not needing to go to the shop several time s a week
  • You will save money buying only what ingredients you need
  • You will have less waste as you are eating all the food you have planned
  • You will feel heathier as you remove the need to eat take away
  • You might start to enjoy cooking the weekly meals, even trying new recipes!

Are you ready to give this a go?

My husband and I do our planning in bed with a coffee, which works well until someone has to get up to check the fridge and cupboards! When it comes to doing the shopping, I’m not allowed to go anymore, because I always go rogue and get so many things additionally to the list and therefore blow out our budget….I’m not complaining, it means I don’t have to do the shopping anymore haha! Reckon I planned that well 🙂

Love to hear your fav mid-week meal?

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