Why wait for that special occasion?

How many of us have the “good” dinner set, or the fine china tea cups in the back of the cupboard waiting for that special occasion?

Or for others it might be that special outfit, good pair of shoes or even the luxury car sitting under the cover in the garage.

No matter how big or small these items are, I want to ask you why are you only using these items for those special occasions? Of course, there are varying factors, though I think for most of us it’s a mindset that has always been this way.

My challenge is to uncover the why, what, when:

WHY NOT? – the enjoyment you will receive when using these luxury, sentimental or special items each and every day will bring you a sense of pure enjoyment and your own luxury that you deserve in your busy day. For me, I absolutely love my fine bone china tea cups and tea pots. I use all of them, rotating each day to a new cup for extra enjoyment. I truly savour my cups of tea and do feel like its my little piece of luxury that I can experience each day.

WHAT IS THE RISK? – ok so some may argue that if we use these items each day, they will break, breakdown, be ruined. Yes, I agree to all these scenarios, however shifting a mindset to think that if we use these items once a year or once a day, there is still a risk of breakage. The difference is that you have enjoyed days, months, years of this little piece of luxury, therefore the heartache of losing that item is softened a great deal

WHEN ARE YOU STARTING? – what we are discussing here is really simple. Firstly, think about what you have always saved for that special occasion, bring it our from the dust and start enjoying the experience of using this each day. You deserve it!

I’d love to hear from you:

What is your special item, and how does if feel to now use this in everyday life, for your little piece of luxury?

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